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Gamarra: your one-stop-shop for integral casting solutions

We are vertically integrated to control quality requirements and secure supplies during all the value chain. Our foundry is equipped to provide ready-to-assemble products to our clients; from the design and engineering phase, up to painting and bonding. We have a wide offering of processes, including different steel castings processes (green sand, chemical sand, lost wax and foam) and in-house finishing techniques (machining, heat treatment, welding, painting et al).

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Steel casting certifications

Steel Casting certifications

Gamarra’s Steel Casting Certifications: Guarantee of reproducibility and reliability for our customers  Gamarra is a European manufacturer of steel casting products. We have a long

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maintenance in foundries

Maintenance in foundries

Maintenance in foundries is a key factor to take into account if we want to be efficient and effective. At Gamarra, wave been improving our method since the very beginning in order to find the one that delivers the best results management-wise. One of our goal towards 2021 is to become a smart foundry, so we have to revise our maintenance method to achieve this objective.

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Sustainability in foundries

Steel foundries have a key social role in the recycling of natural resources. Our main raw material is scrap, which is perfect for a circular economy since it can be effectively reused, manufactured and recycled. At Gamarra we implement additional policies, such as water and waste management, to have an even greater positive impact on the planet. Discover Gamarra’s sustainability commitment and how we assure that all our components have been sourced and produced responsibly.

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what is molding sand

What is molding sand?

In this article, you will learn about molding sand also known as sand casting method. Gamarra has a know-how in sand casting and so we have become experts in the matter. Over 60% of all casting solutions are produced through this method due to its reliability and low-cost. Many industries such as railway, automotive or ship construction rely on this method to build components.

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The Advantages of Investment Casting

Investment casting is one of the oldest steel casting processes, and for years it has been providing exceptional results. At Gamarra, we are experts in offering high quality casting solutions, and we aim to teach our clients to fully understand this method. Keep reading if you want to learn all about all the details and specifications of investment casting.

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