Steel Casting Solutions

Your one-stop-shop provider; covering from design to machining and finishing

Chemical Sand Casting

Our chemical sand moulding line, which offers greater stability, is the perfect choice for top quality castings in highly demanding markets

Investment Casting

When accuracy is needed, our lost wax line can ensure the repeatability, dimensional accuracy and correctness of the parts throughout the project

Wide offer of Casting Processes

We manufacture carbon and alloyed steel products using three different casting processes: green sand casting, chemical sand casting and investment casting (lost wax). We can offer a wide range of high precision components with industry-leading tolerances and desirable mechanical properties.

We have capabilities to work with products ranging 10 to 300 kg, with all grades of carbon and alloyed steel. We have both automatic and manual product lines that allow us to adapt better to our clients’ needs.

Our value proposition is based on highly technological integral solutions. This proposal includes engineering services for design and development of tailor-made products, casting of precision components, finishing operations (including galvanizing, heat-treatment, machining, welding and painting), and logistic services.

investment casting


Gamarra is a trusted partner for cast steels with a wide range of properties to match performance requirements of the intended application. With our strong experience on different chemical composition and heat treatment capabilities, we produce cast steel with an extensive range of physical properties.

In our different casting lines, we offer both automatic and manual moulding operations that can manufacture steel parts of up to 300 kg with different types of steel: Carbon steel, Low alloy steel, and alloy steel:

  • G14NiCrMo10-6
  • G17NiCrMo13-6
  • G14CrMoV6-9
  • G18NiMoCr3-6
  • G22NiMoCr5-6
  • G24CrNiMo4-4-5
  • G26CrMo4
  • G32NiCrMo8-5-4
  • G34CrNiMo6
  • G42CrMo4
  • 13 CrMoV 9-1
  • ASTM A217 WC6
  • GS 35
  • GS 52
  • GS 60 
  • G20 Mn 5
  • G34 Mn 5


 We can produce cast steel with an extensive range of physical dimensions for each type os casting:

Green Sand Casting
Chemical Sand Casting
Investment Casting

Industries and applications

Our casting services are present in a wide variety of products, including high quality, top performance industrial parts. We typically serve the following industries:

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