We provide fully compliant products through strict testing and processes

Guaranteeing quality through our

Internal Guardrails

With the aim of achieving continuous improvement in the processes and products, Gamarra’s strategy is accompanied by a comprehensive Quality Management System. Our products are submitted to the most stringent internal and external controls. Our Quality Management System is approved by the relevant international certifying authorities; a guarantee of reproducibility and reliability for our customers.

With the aim to continue to satisfy the growing demands of our customers, we have established the following internal guardrails:

Team Excellence​​

Extensive training and promotion of all the potential of our employees. Our team is always mindful of continuous improvement and the LEAN philosophy


Direct responsibility for the comprehensive Quality Management System is broadly based at Gamarra and distributed across many shoulders within the organization

Data-Driven Philosophy​

Periodical review of Quality KPIs and continuous improvements in our QMS

Quality Management System​

Our processes are compliant with worldwide standards (EN-ISO 9001). From reception of an enquiry for quotation until delivery of final products, control is the fundamental line framing the various actions and commitments Gamarra undertakes with its customers, shareholders, employees, suppliers and partners, as well as with society and any other interested party


Quality is much more than obtaining certificates and complying with legal requirements. It is a philosophy of day-to-day work that involves all the elements of the organization, guiding them towards the achievement of the same objective: the customer’s full satisfaction

Highest quality standards


Quality is one of the pillars of our work and our certifications are a clear reflection:

Quality Extra-Mile


Our laboratory services are founded on the premise of exceeding customer expectations by quickly delivering competent steel analysis, using state-of-the-art equipment and communicating the results clearly, efficiently, and without bias.  Here follows some of our services:

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