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Gamarra casting solutions


Carbon and alloy steel castings from 10 to 2000kg

Gamarra machining


High Precision machining services

Gamarra component-welding

Component Assembly

Mechanical component assembly and weilding

Gamarra engineering patterns


Design, prototyping and pattern workshop

Gamarra heat-treatment


Normalizing, quenching and tempering


To achieve better properties or just for esthetic reasons

Machining Services

We provide highly accurate machined components. Our in-house machining facilities have served hundreds of customers in the major global industries, offering ongoing runs of thousands of parts each year as well as short runs of prototype parts.

We consistently invests in efficient equipment and technologies, allowing us to provide cutting edge services at competitive prices. In 2020 we made a heavy investment in robotics to increase automation and production efficiency. Moreover, our facility uses real-time factory automation software that provides instant web-based access to scheduling, manufacturing, and data collection from the shop floor. Our experienced team has accumulated an extensive library of steel machining cutting speeds and feeds that maximizes our steel machining output, leading to lower machining costs. Because we understand the different alloys so well, we can make recommendations for better steel machining grades without sacrificing cost or performance.

Our machining facilities are able to carry out: multiaxis machining, turning, drilling, tapping, holes, slots… The machining department is equipped with CNC machining centres, CNC turning and conventional milling, drilling and turning equipment. We test for quality by consistently measuring tooling and calibrating machinery.

Component Assembly

We supply fully finished castings that are ready for assembly – we are an extension of the OEM production. We want to make our clients’ supply chain experience as efficient as possible. Producing the largest shippable compilation of components to our OEM ensures that quality is built in, lowers inventory transactions and carrying costs, and reduces the overall cost of the transaction.

Our experienced team assembles products or parts through several automated and manual welding techniques (SM AW, TIG, MIG/MAG,…), saving our customers money and time. Our cross trained staff combined with work cells create a flexible welding assembly environment that can support a variety of fulfillment options. Our weldment capabilities include mechanical assembly and integration.

Engineering and Pattern Services

Our experienced engineers support with the design phase and prototyping to ensure the patterns and materials will deliver products with the needed properties and specifications. We have very extensive experience with all sorts of casting processes and complex geometries. We will work with you to solve metal problems and ensure proper designing and engineering.

Many years of design and construction has positioned us as a leading manufacturer of patterns. Our workshop provides patterns with different dimensions, materials and specifications to meet the varied requirements of our clients. Also, in-house pattern repair is also available. We are highly knowledgeable on rapid prototyping techniques that help speed the process and prevent issues.


Our facilities, knowledgeable metallurgical staff and extensive experience with all sorts of alloys, allow us to deliver the required properties. We offer all sorts of treatment, including normalizing, quenching, tempering, nitriding, carburization, annealing, and induction hardening. 


We can treat the surface of the products to achieve better properties or just for aesthetic reasons. We support many processes including sand blasting, painting, electroplating ( zinc, nickel,  Chrome, etc), hot dip galvanizing and thermal spray metallizing.

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